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= John Argo: DarkSF Series =

Science Horror or SH by John Argo in the DarkSF seriesStreamliners. John Argo's joyful if mysterious and phantasmagoric romp in a parallel universe. Riding across a leafy, autumnal 1930s parkway from the Empire City to Raritania, we reach a city of clocktowers. In it, darkly comic moguls and editors play among Art Deco stained glass and giant clockworks. Speed is the theme of streamliners, those designers of a lost civilization between world wars. Can Dr. Jeff Maxxon save Lexa Whiston from her evil uncle, kill Hitler in a parallel dimension, and return with Lexa to enjoy Aerodynamic Donuts 'Til Dawn? More info soon. Site under development.

Amazon Kindle e-book Edition Streamliners (DarkSF Series)

Amazon Quality Paperback Edition (6x9") Streamliners (DarkSF Series)

Barnes & Noble. Not currently listed here.

DarkSF Series of stand-alones by John Argo - each a unique, fresh story that happens to also pay homage to a famous SF cult film or novel