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93 Poems by Jean-Thomas Cullen

More Info Soon. Thanks for your patience as I put all this together. I have three poetry collections out, representing over 400 poems I wrote starting in childhood, but mostly during my teenage years and early twenties. The collection that goes with On Saint Ronan Street is Cymbalist Poems, which is not yet completely formatted (Jan. 2019) for free reading at Galley City, the free ARC site of Clocktower Books. The third collection is Postcards to My Soul. With one exception, I stopped writing poetry around age 27, which is the classic burnout or better yet, turnaround year for artists in many fields. Traditionally, lyric poets turn their energies to other things, as I did—writing prose. The poetic slant has always remained in much of my prose, to the consternation of readers who expect simple, slam-bam, thank you ma'm sort of writing. Nothing wrong with that (commercial prose) but I always go into a sort of funk or reverie or trance when I'm writing. It's the difference between simply plinking notes on a piano, versus turning the music into a roaring symphony. Ultimately, I don't mean any value judgment here. It's like my several languages. I speak English when I need to, Luxemburgish on other occasions, and German or French when it's called for. Different strokes, different yolks. Thanks again for your understanding. I'll have more to say on all this when I roll out the blog at Galley City (sometime in 2019 I hope). Meanwhile, enjoy the free reads and please be kind.


click to read free or buy - opens a new windowRead Free at Galley City (Fiction). You can now read the entire text free at my Galley City website, with the option to buy if you wish. For the price of a cup of coffee, you can buy the e-book (no obligation). The coffee is gone in minutes, but the e-book (or p-book) is yours forever, and the author appreciates your kindness. Thank you!

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