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Night Shots Anthology by John Argo

Suspense with a touch of the Macabre

Jean-Thomas Cullen writing as John Argo

=  Foto Finish  =

When supermodel Liana and her agent-lover Paul die in a fiery car crash, the police declare it an accident.

Before insurance giant Continental Mogul close their books on the case, meaning they'd have to pay out hefty benefits, freelance insurance investigator Seth Lambert combs through the still-smoking evidence--and quickly tangles up in a web of fraud and deceit reaching into high places.

Together with his ex-girlfriend, Highway Patrol investigator Sandy Jensen, as well as generous helpings of drugs and alcohol, Seth plunges into a startling investigation that puts a capital S on Sarcasm and dots the eye in Irony.

Foto Finish is a neo-noir Night Shots suspense mystery. The story brings back the shades of long-ago detectives in 1930s style fiction, only Seth Lambert is a modern gumshoe. Like his predecessors in the age of the Maltese Falcon and Continental Op, he is always just one step ahead of the law--one step behind a criminal just one shade darker than the private investigator on their tail--and within hat-range of that gunshot aiming to end the investigation dead cold.

As Sandy Jensen has noted about her irresistible paramour (can't live with him and can't live without him), Seth Lambert is a force of nature. Once we get on board his hurtling car, there is no slowing down, no getting out, and no place the bad guys can hide. If Seth Lambert of San Diego is the irresistible force, then the strange secret of Liana and Paul is the unmovable object. Something's got to give--and it won't be Seth.


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